Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions frequently asked by women considering adoption for their babies.
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I already had my baby. Is it too late to make an adoption plan?

It is absolutely not too late to make an adoption plan with Open Arms. We can meet with you right away, to help you decide if adoption is something you would like to consider. We often work with women after they have given birth, as well as those who are in the third trimester of their pregnancy. It is never too early or too late to contact us.

This pregnancy was unexpected and I am not sure I can be a parent right now; how can Open Arms help me?

You may be feeling overwhelmed and confused after learning you are pregnant. Our counselors are available to help you work through your many emotions, providing information on all of the options available to you.

Our counseling takes a non-judgmental approach to help you find the choice that is right for you: we provide referrals to resources designed to help you parent, to abortion clinics where you will be treated with respect, as well as compassionate adoption services.

This counseling is provided to you free of charge.

Who might choose to make an adoption plan for their baby?

There are many personal and unique reasons a woman might choose to make an adoption plan for her baby. Here are some things that might be true for you:

  • You may already be parenting and bringing a new baby home might compromise your ability to provide good care for your other children
  • You may already be struggling as a single parent
  • You may not feel emotionally and/or financially ready to raise a child
  • You may face potential involvement from the Foster Care System or might not live in a safe environment for a baby
  • You may not be ready to be a mother
  • You may want a different kind of life for your child than what you can provide right now

Women who choose adoption for their babies are maternal and are seeking to create a life for their child that they are unable to provide right now. They want to make sure their child’s needs are met, that they are well cared for and that they will be safe and loved.

Are there different types of adoption?

There are three types of adoption:

  • Open Adoption: In open adoption, birth and adoptive parents maintain direct contact, enjoying ongoing visits and/or exchanges of photos and letters through the years. Our birth parents who choose to have in person visits, normally get together with the adoptive family two or three times a year.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Birth parents stay connected to the adoptive family, exchanging letters and photos, as well as visits with the involvement of Open Arms, in a Semi-Open Adoption.
  • Confidential Adoption: A confidential adoption allows women who feel that staying in touch is too difficult to have complete privacy and confidentiality. (There is always the option of working with Open Arms in the future to re-establish a connection to the adoptive family)

We are here to support you with any type of adoption you choose; our support and counseling services are always free.

Can I speak with other women who made an adoption plan?

Open Arms has worked with many women who ultimately chose adoption for their babies. These women have been in your shoes, and faced the same difficult decision you are now facing. Because of that, they can share a unique perspective on adoption.

If you would like to connect with one of our birth parents, Call 1-888-OPENARMS (1-888-673-6276),  or click here. We will put you in contact with a birth parent in whatever way you prefer (i.e., through a phone call, text messaging or meeting in person).

You can also hear from our birth parents by watching our Birth Parent Videos where they share their adoption experiences.

If I choose to make an adoption plan, what support do you offer me once my baby is adopted?

For those women who are interested in staying in contact with Open Arms after their baby is adopted, we offer ongoing support and counseling. We have birth parent support groups where you can get to know other birth parents, as well as fun events. There is a never a charge for these services, nor our support.

For those who choose not to stay connected to Open Arms, nor the adoptive family, that is ok too.

Do I get to choose the adoptive family?

If you decide to make an adoption plan you might be wondering “if not me, who is the right family to raise my baby?”

Open Arms offers you the option to choose one of our approved families. Our waiting families have created personal family profiles that include lots of photos and details about their lives. You can review these profiles either by yourself, or with your counselor. Or, if you prefer, Open Arms can select a family for you.

Once you have selected a family, or we have selected one at your request, you have the option to meet that family, with support from your counselor.

All Open Arms waiting families are screened thoroughly. We have interviewed them in their homes, collected personal and professional references, and spent time with them to make sure they are loving, financially stable and prepared to become parents. We continue meeting with them in their homes both before and after a child is placed with them for adoption.
Should you move forward with Open Arms, your baby will be cherished, well loved, well provided for and forever a part of the Open Arms family.

How can I find out about my legal rights in an adoption?

Your Open Arms counselor will provide you with accurate information about adoption law, and your rights when making an adoption plan. All of your questions will be answered; it is important that you are fully informed. They will also assist you with questions about the law and the involvement of your baby’s father.

Is the father of my baby included in the process?

Open Arms respects both the father and the mother of a baby. Sometimes only one birth parent is interested in making an adoption plan, while the other wishes to raise the baby. In those situations, Open Arms offers counseling and support to both birth parents in order to arrive at the best decision for everyone involved.

If both birth parents choose adoption, we encourage birth fathers to be involved in the adoption process, if they desire, assisting with choosing a family and staying in contact with the adoptive family after the adoption.

If I choose adoption, how does Open Arms help me?

Your counselor will explain how adoption works, your legal rights, and the different types of adoption available to you (open, semi-open and confidential). They will work with you through each step in the process, and will be there to support you before, during and after the adoption for as long as you need them.

We will help you to get the medical coverage you and your baby need, and may also be able to assist you financially with the expenses you encounter due to your pregnancy.

All of these services we provide to you free of charge.

What if I have given birth but am still not sure if parenting or adoption is the right decision for my baby and me?

Open Arms offers birth mothers the option to have their baby cared for by an Open Arms Interim Care Family for a few days. These families are not adoptive families nor foster families. They are families who have passed a rigorous home study process and offer loving care for babies to give mothers a few days to make the decision that is best for their baby.

There is no fee for interim care. We are happy to offer our clients a few extra days; this decision should not be rushed.

How can I get more information, and is everything kept confidential?

Our counselors care about your privacy, and are here to support you in a non-judgmental way, no matter what you decide. Your confidentiality is important, and will be respected.

To learn more about adoption with Open Arms, call 1-888-OPENARMS, text 215-703-8141 or email us. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.