I Just Had A Baby

Contact Us at Anytime

If you already have given birth to a baby, it’s not too late to contact us.

If You Already Have a Baby

If You Just Delivered Your Baby

It’s not too late to reach out. We are here to support you. Open Arms can meet with you in the hospital to talk more about the option of adoption, within an hour or two. We can help you to get your needs met, assist with hospital discharge, drive you home, and help with any insurance issues.

If You Are Struggling At Home Raising Your Baby

If you have questions about adoption and how it works, please reach out. We can meet you at a place that is comfortable for you so we can learn more about your situation, and help you explore if adoption might be an option worth considering. We have many families who are open to adopting babies or toddlers.

What Makes Open Arms Adoption Different

We are a local agency and can meet you wherever you’re most comfortable, and can do so right away if you would like; we can offer real in-person visits, not only phone calls, emails or texts.

You Are In Charge - Supporting your choice

This is about you and your baby. You make the decisions about what is right for you. Women we work with feel empowered to consider all options and they ultimately choose the option that is right for them. You determine whatever level of support is right for you, and with Open Arms, you will never feel pressure from us for you to move forward with an adoption plan.

Local Counselors, Resources, Families Waiting to Adopt – Ensuring that you have what you need within reach

With offices in PA, NJ, DE & NY, we provide local resources to ensure that you have personalized support to include:

  • A local counselor to meet with you to answer your questions about adoption
  • A local counselor to support you at the hospital helping to ensure your needs are met and your privacy is protected
  • Local resources to help you get back on your feet
  • Local adoptive families, should you want to stay in touch

Ongoing Support – Offering you personalized support during your pregnancy and after you give birth

In addition to our free in-person counseling, which is available to you as long as needed, we offer free support and mentor groups for women considering adoption, and for those whose children have already been adopted.

Every woman desires a different level of support and you can decide what is right for you. This is your adoption plan.

Our birth and adoptive parents become a part of our Open Arms family; we are committed to meeting the needs of everyone who works with us.

Your Adoption Options

Should you decide to make an adoption plan, you can choose the adoptive family that is right for your baby and the level of future contact that you makes you feel comfortable.

Open Adoption

In Open Adoption, birth and adoptive families maintain direct contact with one another through photos, letters and visits.

Semi-Open Adoption

Women who choose Semi-Open Adoption stay connected to the adoptive family through the ongoing involvement of Open Arms.

Confidential Adoption

For those women who feel staying in touch may be too emotionally difficult, Confidential Adoption allows women to fully plan an adoption with complete privacy and confidentiality with no ongoing contact. But, even down the road in a Confidential Adoption, if a woman desires to reconnect with the Adoptive Family and baby, Open Arms would be happy to assist in this process.