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Counselors are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide an overview of the adoption process. We are here for you and/or your client/patient. If your patient or client is in labor or has already given birth, call us and we will have a counselor there to meet with her immediately.

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Why Choose Open Arms

If you refer a patient to Open Arms, rest assure that she will always feel:

  • No pressure
  • No judgement
  • Respected
  • Educated and well informed about all options
  • Empowered

…And supported no matter what option she chooses.

To learn more about us and our history, visit our About Us page.

Daily Open Arms Counselor visits to the hospital were essential…My patient arrived in labor and let me know immediately that she was planning an adoption and she was working with Open Arms. To have an agency that sends a counselor daily to support this patient, helps to ensure that not only that her needs are met, but also makes my job seamless.

Beth M., Hospital Social Worker, Central New Jersey

Only a couple of patients have moved forward…counselors never pressured them…I have referred a number of patients to Open Arms to learn more adoption. They have come to my clinic to meet with them on numerous occasions, and I have seen the counseling they do first hand. Only a couple of patients have moved forward with adoption, because their Open Arms counselor helped them realize that adoption was not what they felt was best. I was happy that counselors never pressured them. I always keep Open Arms brochures on hand!

Monique A., Prenatal Clinic Social Worker, Philadelphia

I recently had a patient who was using drugs, and as a mandated reporter, I was required to call the state and let them know. The patient had several other children in foster care, so I let her know that she could choose adoption, which would be a permanent situation for her newborn. She was thankful to have an option and to be able to choose a family for her baby, and I feel good knowing that her baby is in a loving, stable home.

Tina L., Hospital Social Worker, Northern New Jersey

I had no idea what to do, and frantically googled for adoption agencies, since our hospital did not have information… On one of my first weekends covering mother/baby, I had a patient come in who wanted to learn about adoption. I had no idea what to do, and frantically googled for adoption agencies, since our hospital did not have information. Someone from Open Arms came out, helped my patient make a decision, and educated me. I helped get one of their free training sessions scheduled here, so now we will be prepared in the future!

Jessica S., Hospital Nurse Case Manager, Philadelphia Suburbs

Please note that calling Open Arms at 1-888-OPENARMS anytime will connect your patient with a local counselor who can talk with her and answer questions about adoption. We are also happy to meet with her at your office if that is what she prefers.