Resources For Adoptive Families

The compiled list of adoption grant, loan and funding resources listed below is for informational purposes only. Open Arms does not endorse or recommend any of these resources in particular. Families are encouraged to thoroughly research all requirements and/or eligibility before applying.

IRS Adoption Tax Credit

Congress renewed the Adoption Tax Credit in January 2013. The credit is now permanent and not refundable, meaning adoptive parents can get a credit based on their tax liability with up to five years to take the full amount. The maximum credit is set at $13,190. Families with incomes under $197,880 will receive the full credit and it will gradually phase out to those with a household income of $237,880 or more. The adoption tax credit is a one-time credit per child. For more questions, call the IRS at 1–800–829–1040, go to the IRS website or contact your accountant.

Employee Adoption Benefits

Many companies and organizations offer financial assistance for employees planning to adopt. Check with your Human Resources Department or Employee Benefits Office to find out if your company has any such benefits. For additional information about employer adoption benefit programs please check out the Dave Thomas Foundation.

Recommended Adoption Book List

For book summaries, or to purchase any of the books listed on our recommended reading list, feel free to check out our Open Arms’ Amazon Storefront where Open Arms receives a percentage of your purchase.