What Birth Parents Are Saying

Open Arms Adoption Network is here to support you with whatever option you ultimately choose. Below are some stories of people who have worked with Open Arms.

“When I gave birth and an Open Arms counselor came to meet with me, it put me so much at ease.  Even after I moved forward with adoption, my counselor was available to me, anytime I needed someone to talk to.”
– Vanessa, New Brunswick, New Jersey

“My adoption counselor was with me throughout the whole process. She was always available, whenever I called her, and when I actually gave birth, she was there with me at the hospital the whole time, no matter what hour of day or how I was feeling. I felt very secure and cared about, and it just made my decision that much easier.”
– Leigh, Bridgeton, New Jersey

“I was considering adoption for my baby throughout the second half of my pregnancy. I was alone, with no help, raising two other children and did not think I would be able to handle another one. My counselor from Open Arms met with me to help me decide if parenting or adoption was the right choice for me, and in the end, my family stepped in to help me, so I chose to parent. I never felt pressured to move forward and would recommend Open Arms Adoption Network to anyone in that position.”
– Jessica, Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you to my adoption counselor at Open Arms Adoption Network for being so sweet, kind and thoughtful. I don’t know how I would have done this without you. You have been so kind and understanding with me… and it all feels very natural. Thank you so much for helping me through the adoption process with so much love and compassion.”
– Katherine, Atlantic City, New Jersey

“I love receiving photos from the family. It was a very emotional process for me, but the photos help, they just reaffirm that I made the best decision for my little angel. I love her new family. I could not have chosen a better woman to raise her, and I know that baby girl is in good hands and heart. It makes me so happy to see the photos and hear all about her daily life and adventures. I love her family so much.”
– Katherine, Atlantic City, New Jersey

“I did not know I was pregnant until I gave birth at the hospital. I was 19, and not ready to be a mom. A social worker at the hospital gave me a few adoption brochures, and I asked her to call Open Arms. A counselor came to meet with me, and after meeting with her, I felt sure that I wanted to move forward with adoption, not for me, but for my baby. I chose a family for my baby and was able to meet them, and we stay in touch through letters and photos, until I am ready for visits. Thank you to Open Arms for helping me find the most incredible family for my baby.”
– Andrea, Norristown, PA